WANTED! New Club T-Shirt Design

The MHGC is in need of a new t-shirt design.  Are there any artists out there that are willing submit some original designs?

Currently we have no requirements however there is a general consensus that our t-shirts must look “Cool” and be better than the other clubs.;)

When preparing the design you will need to keep in mind that highly detailed photo quality prints would require plasticol printing which doesn’t allow the t-shirt to breath so such a design would need to be smaller.  A large print in water based dyes requires less detail and less colours.

I propose that we bring our designs to club meetings for short listing over the next couple of months.  A few designs will then be placed on our website for voting.  We will then select 1-2 of the winning design(s) as our official club t-shirt.

Looking forward to seeing some great designs.



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