Spion pays off after a long wait

So the forecast was for a steady southerly of 10-15 knots all day.

So of course this brought all the pilots out of hibernation especially after having not seen any southerlies in Victoria for a very long time.

I lead a car pool from Melbourne including 2 pilots new to the site (Colin and Timo).

Upon turning up to launch at about 10.30 we saw 2 pilots already flying and more stuffing batons in on launch.

Se we quickly setup and there was a que of guys waiting to set up. I reckon I would have seen 25 pilots throughout the day.

My first flight ended after 10 minutes as the little shower looming on the horizon actually developed into something more concerning as it came closer. So after my previous experience landing a wet glider at Spion I chose to land and managed a safe landing in a nick of time.

Others weren’t so lucky with Geoff splatting in with his new light speed and doing a down tube. Bosco also made it in but left the flare a little to late.

So we waited out the rain, packed up, then went up to launch again for a second try.

After waiting a bit for the wind to strengthen it came on beautifully and the sun came out to boot.

We all made it around to Lorne very easily (Colin on his first flight there) and were rewarded with it turning slightly tail to help us fly back to Spion easy as pie.

Beers in the pub followed and then home bound.

The boys said more than once on the way home that it was a “Magic day”.

Oh I forgot to mention, Hughbert managed to break both downtubes in multiple places when “landing” on the beach in his Aeros Combat. Something about a woman in the way on the beach something something…..  Video to follow 🙂

Keep it real 🙂

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