Spion payed off when everyone was to soft to fly :)

Despite emails going out to both the Melbourne and the Western chat group offering a trip to Spion I had no takers. Even an SMS that went out at 8 am Sun morning to the Western club got 0 response. So I drove down to Spion by myself. This would be the first flight outside of the Tow Paddock in my new Rev. The forcast wind graph was showing a flyable window of SSW at 12 knotts average between 11 am and 1 pm. I was set up all by my lonesome at 11.00 sharp and the wind turned straight on S and picked up just as the forecast said it would. Rohan put me onto this web page and it was accurate almost to the minute today. I encourage all pilots to give it a try.

I was texting Jan in the morning but he was unsure of it was going to be on. My text of “Whitecaps, Sunshine, Ch 16, I’m launching, Move your ass” got him into the spirit quick enough. So I jumped off and had the whole place to myself. I was soon into the usual antics, Racing the cars along the road, playing with stalls and zooming, wingovers, spiral dives etc. I have to say again that the Rev is an AWESOME glider. After 1 hr Cindy was in the air in her PG followed by Jan in Alex’s Sting 3. A few other jellies turned up and launched of the primary dunes. The wind was supposed to drop of at 1pm but it actually picked up and the sun came out. I flew for another hr then did a perfect spot landing at the river mouth.

So at the end of the day don’t be put off by a little rain. It rained all the way to Anglsea then it was blue skies all day đŸ™‚

See you on a hill sometime. Will

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