The Melbourne Hang gliding Club will be hosting a ground towing weekend at Boort on Queens Birthday long-weekend ( June 12, 13, 14). People who have been to previous weekends will know what a great opportunity and great fun this is. This is a great chance to gain your ground tow endorsement.

PURPOSE: To give all interested pilots the opportunity to practice and improve their hang gliding skills in a supportive and friendly environment. Theory and practical instruction in ground towing will be available for those seeking to gain their ground tow endorsement.

WHO IS INVITED: Everyone is welcome to come along (not just MHGC members-although to participate, you will have to join the club for insurance purposes-cost $30 membership).

WHY SHOULD YOU COME:  Come along and get a ground tow endorsement in the company of experienced pilots. If you already have an endorsement, still come along and practice your ground towing as well as your approach and landing skills; lets face it, all of us could do with this!

We will hopefully also have our new scooter tow system (see http://www.willswing.com/learn/scooterTow/) along for the weekend. This is one of the newest innovations in teaching basic skills but is also a great way for experienced pilots to practice landings or just have fun as well. Come and have a try!

Boort is about 200km from Melbourne. It is a friendly town with all amenities including cafes, pubs, supermarkets and even has two resident hangglider pilots.

WHAT DO YOU NEED: minimum restricted rating, glider, harness, parachute preferred, tow release, UHF radio/helmet microphone system which can be “locked on” in transmit mode, a willingness to learn and have fun. If you don’t have some of this stuff we can advise. We will supply tow vehicle and towing equipment. You will be asked to contribute to the costs of the towing for the weekend.

1/ Please it is VITAL you email me to confirm you are coming as there will be information updates in the week running up to the event regarding accomodation and weather.

2/ If you do not already have a tow endorsement, please come along to my shop at 7pm on Friday 4 june. Bring your harness, helmet, tow system and radio so we can review equipment and brief you on procedures. This is a great opportunity to get organised and check your equipment is in order before the event, so all goes smoothly on the day. It also allows you enough time to organise anything else you need before the event. Once again- RSVP to me.

ACCOMMODATION: Boort has a great caravan park (Boort Lakes) with cabins if you are quick to book.

Any questions, please email or phone me ,

Peter Holloway Melbourne Hang Gliding Club- Senior Safety Officer 0409526805, info@freedomairsports.com.au

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