Notice of Annual General Meeting 2011 Melbourne Hang Gliding Club Inc. (MHGC) Wednesday, 20 July 2011 8:00 PM

At the AGM we will vote on the positions below. It is important that members put themselves forward for these very important

Nominations are sought for the election of the new MHGC committee for the 2011/2012 financial year.
There are 5 committee positions with voting rights to be filled as described below:
1. President
2. Secretary
3. Treasurer
4. Committee Member (preferably a Safety officer)
5. Committee Member (preferably a Safety officer)
• All 5 positions above have voting rights on proposals tabled by the committee
• It is preferable although not essential that committee member 4 or 5 is also a Senior Safety Officer.
Nominations for MHGC non committee positions without voting rights are also required. These positions are described as follows:
1. SSO
2. Newsletter editor
3. Club Librarian
4. Club Web Master
5. Yahoo Group Moderator (three people required)
6. SMS Co-ordinator
7. VHPA representatives
8. Club Public Officer
If you are interested in standing for any of these positions, please email your name to (Peter Davies
Please include the name of the club member who is prepared to second your nomination.
OK, all the serious stuff aside, being on the MHGC committee or in a supporting role is a very rewarding experience. You will be
able to influence and direct the development of the club and more importantly the development of its pilots through initiatives,
information sessions and events both flying and non flying. It is an excellent opportunity to put energy back into a sport that has
provided us all with this incredible lifestyle. A lifestyle that none of us would be able to enjoy if not for the vision, enthusiasm and
efforts of our former committee members
Your votes are also sought for the two awards that are given out each year at this time
Please email your votes to Peter Davies
(1) Peter Batchelor Perpetual Award: For services provided to the MHGC.
(2) MHGC Encouragement Award: Awarded to an up & coming enthusiastic pilot

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