Monthly minutes 21/10/15

MHGC Monthly Meeting at the Tower Hotel, Hawthorn East
Meeting Commenced: time: 20:00
Attendance: 6 / 7
Apologies: Peter Holloway, Gabiel Toniolo

  • Items For Sale/Wanted: Gabriel is looking for a used reserve and is keen to test fly a U2 & / or a Gekko.
  • SSO Update: Recent incident with a paraglider at Flinders who got stuck in a tree for a long time.
  • Long discussion was had around the new supervised rules and the outcomes are:
  • DM to circulate an email to committee then on to HGFA for clarification
  • Following this message to be sent out to club
  • Glen looking into technicalities
  • VHF Endorsement planned for the next club meeting at 6:30pm

Recent and Upcoming Events:

  • Cup Weekend: Rohan has issued an invitation to have a four day fly-in at Dynamic Flight, three tugs will be available. Only 3 people have confirmed so far that they are going.
  • Big K is coming up, get your team together.

General Business:

  • Adam Stevens wanting to set up a day at the Big K week where we can generate some funds to go to the family of recently passed away pilot Darren Rickett
  • DM wants to move the regular meeting to 4th Wed of every month as the current meeting almost always clashes with VHPA meeting. All agreed and we’ll do this from Feb

Meeting close; approx 22:00

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