Monthly Meeting Minutes Sep 2014

MHGC Monthly Meeting at the Tower Hotel, Hawthorn East

Meeting Commenced: time: 20:00

Apologies: Peter Holloway

New Members:   No new members of note, however Peter Holloway is currently training a keen new female pilot so there could be a new addition to the club soon.

Items For Sale/Wanted:   Gabriel has a C4 for sale and also a Shark 156 for sale and also to rent out if needed.  Johannes has an Atos V for sale.

VHPA update:  Unfortunately nobody could attend the recent VHPA meeting and the minutes have not yet been published so no update at the time of writing. There has been a new Ops manager for the HGFA although at the time of the meeting it was not officially known who this is.

SSO Update: The only thing of note was the recent tragic incident in Newcastle which was briefly discussed.

Freedom Airsports Update: Recently Alan McColl and Mick Filkin have passed their aerotow endorsements so congratulations guys.

Upcoming Events: We are planning to run an event over the Cup day weekend in the form of a friendly competition. Details to be announced very soon. The annual parachute repack night is on at Templestowe college Gym at 7pm on 26th September.

 Other business: Pete Cass is working on the T-shirts, this will be a link on our website where you can order one. Details to be announced.

Meeting close; 20:30

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