Monthly Meeting Minutes from Wednesday, 18.06.2014

MHGC Monthly Meeting at the Tower Hotel, Hawthorn East

Meeting Commenced: time: 20:00

Apologies: Dave M. Peter Hollowa, Neale Halsall

Flying Stories: A successful towing weekend at Dynamic Flight Park thanks to the generous offer from Rohan. This saved our Queen’s Birthday event, as all Paddocks in Boort are currently under crop due to the early rain this winter. Lots of towing both with car and trike, the spot-landing contest was won by either Christian or Colin (not sure, but these two received the prices sponsored by Pete Cass)

New Members:   Four New Members! Welcome to Emily, Andrew and Tony, all just endorsed by Rohan, and Peter, who is planning to joint the next course at Dynamic Flight, and came out to have a look at the Queen’s Birthday Fly-in.

Items For Sale/Wanted:   Gabriel has a C4 for sale and also a Shark 156 for sale and also to rent out if needed. Neale has a contact who is leaving the sport who has a fun 160 with an apron style harness for sale and Johannes has an Atos V for sale.

Tim Cooper might be looking for downtubes for a Moyes XS

VHPA update:  The Proposal for the revamping of Portsea launch has been submitted to Parks Victoria – Thanks Pete C. for his efforts!
Next month is the VHPA AGM, 10$ off the Pub meal is offered to encourage attendance! Go and have a say!

SSO Update: Pete H. endorsed one new pilot, Paul finished his aerotow endorsment and Kieran has now the tick for ground-towing

Upcoming Events: Our Awards Night and AGM is coming up! Show up and vote for the Peter Batchelor Award and MHGC Encouragement Award… also have a say for the Whitey Award given to the pilot with the best aluminium-bending skills with maximum self-protection. Also vote or even stand up for Committee positions!

 Other business: Glen Batchelor held an SO meeting before the meeting, four pilots are aiming to become SO’s or renew their status

Meeting close; 21.40

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