Monthly Meeting Minutes Feb 2015

MHGC Monthly Meeting at the Tower Hotel, Hawthorn East
Meeting Commenced: time: 20:00
Apologies: None
New Members: Hilton Fraser – welcome Hilton!
Items For Sale/Wanted: Gabriel has a Shark 156 for sale and also to rent out if needed. Johannes has an Atos VR or V (whatever goes first) for sale. Glen has a C4 for sale.
SSO Update: A significant number of incidents have occured recently and these were discussed at length. Glen provided an account of the recent incident at Ben Nevis, Gabriel an account of an incident at Mystic. The other incidents that have occured recently were also discussed. On the back of the event at Ben Nevis Kieran commented about the response of the emergency services and felt that the use of an emergency beacon which he has was excellent, and is to send round an email to arrange a bulk purchase if people are interested at the upcoming Avalon Airshow.
VHPA Update: Fairly low ket meeting was held the day before which Johannes attended. Nothing major to report other than a comment that the Portsea upgrade hasn’t been that beneficial to HG pilots but this was from one pilot only.
Upcoming Events: Birchip Flatter than the Flatlands is coming up at Easter, Labour day is coming up and we discussed a second comp at Locksley; email to be sent round about this. Dalby in April (Aerotow comp). Pete Cass is looking heading up to the Grampians to Fly as he has a potential ground towing paddock.
Meeting close; 21:30

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