Monthly Meeting Minutes 21/9/11

Meeting Commenced: 8:00

Apologies:  Pete H, Glenn B & Joe

Items for sale:

  • Gabe has a shark for sale
  • Geoff Tozer has a cheap Airborne C1 for sale
  • Pete C has a 2nd hand reserve chute for sale

VHPA update – N/A

SSO Report – Apologies

Additional Items

  • T-shirts were distributed.  In future remaining t-shirts will be brought to meetings on request
  • Geoff Tozer has kindly donated books, towing link, bridles, a Rogallo hang glider and old harness to the MHGC.  Books will become part of the MHGC library and will be added to a future list on our website

Future Events

  • There will be a combined towing event for both hang glider and sail plane pilots at the Wahring Gliding Club open day on Saturday 1st October, contact Neale H
  • Glider maintenance night is expected to be held in October – date still to be finalised
  • Some pilots from the club will be flying in the Bright area during the Melbourne Cup weekend.  Contact Gabe for details

Meeting close: 8:30

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