Monthly Meeting Minutes 18/4/12

MHGC  Monthly Meeting

Tower Hotel, Hawthorn East

Meeting Commenced: 8:15

Apologies:  Merv

SSO Report

  • 1 pilot had a hard landing due to a poor approach.  Safety report will be filed
  • Details of a near miss with a sail plane were reported at the meeting

Items for Sale

  • Gabe has a medium sized helmet and a Shark for sale

VHPA Report

  • Plans for launch improvements to the Paps site have been rejected
  • First aid courses have been approved by the VHPA.  MHGC members are eligible provided it is for the sole purpose of hang gliding and not for business.  Details for undertaking the course will be sent to members by email soon

Upcoming Events

  • Next meeting has been marked as a VHF radio study night.  Further details and confirmation from Gabe and Pete H. are expected closer to date
  • Anzac Day flying.  This will be organised by Joszef.  The current plan is to fly Thistle Hill Wednesday arvo after the rain clears.  Stay tuned for updates
  • Queens Birthday weekend in June at Boort.  This is a ground towing event.  Endorsements will be available

Additional Items

  • Members are encouraged to submit articles to Pete D. for inclusion into the quarterly newsletter.   Gabe and Dave have volunteered.  Anyone else?

Meeting close: 9:15

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