Monthly Meeting March 2015

MHGC Monthly Meeting at the Tower Hotel, Hawthorn East
Meeting Commenced: time: 20:00
Apologies: Dave Moore – brave participant of the VHPA meeting

  • New Members: Maksim Lin – booked in with Dynamic Flight in April , and keen Newcomer – welcome Maks!
  • Items For Sale/Wanted: Johannes has an Atos VR or V (whatever goes first) for sale. Kieran has ordered a few more PLB’s than finally sold – contact him if you missed out, you won’t get a new one cheaper anywhere else.
  • SSO Update: No known new incidents – keep safe!

VHPA Update:

  • Airhogs PG Club is seeking support in convincing the operator of the electricity grid to put powerlines at Spion launch underground – this is being promoted in conjunction with the Moggs Creek community (for a longer stretch of the powerlines along the shore).
  • There have been serious airspace violations above 3 Sisters launch, and the offending pilots have been contacted by CASA – thankfully it was no one of us, as far as we know. Reminder to All: Be aware about airspace restrictions at 3 Sisters (4500ft MSL above launch and to the south) – if you fly away to the noth ceiling is 8000ft. We will communicate this further in the near future.
  • Cairns Bay launch is now officially open (mainly PG site due to carry in) – great achievement by the renewed VHPA committee!
  • Dynasoareres are having a working bee at Southside the coming weekend 28.3.2015
  • Skyhigh is planning a working bee at Flinders / Portsea in teh near future – details to be published soon

Recent and Upcoming Events:

  • Labour Day weekend at Locksley was a huge success with three days of flyable weather, and everone having at least one xc-flight (we had quite a changing crowd over the weekend) – no incidents through quite demanding conditions at launch (other than a damaged Atos on the ground due to a late-afternoon dusty – all repaired.
  • Birchip Flatter than the Flatlands is coming up at Easter, contact Pete Lissenburg (peter at or check if you need a team or more info – an email has been sent out recently

Kieran then held a very informative and qualified talk about the system and use of PLB’s (Personal Locator Beacon) for use as a last resort in remote areas. Thanks a lot, Kieran!

We have secured his knowledge for a second talk in teh coming months, discussing airspace as important for us.
Meeting close; approx 21.00

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