2018-19 MHGC Annual General Meeting 14th August 2019 minutes


Peter H., Neale H., James A.


2018 MHGC AGM minutes were approved

President’s Report:

Phil S. circulated hard copies of his report for the 2018/19 MHGC Season. There was a brief discussion of the incident at Locksley involving a relatively close encounter with the Air Ambulance. The follow-up discussions were handled professionally and both parties learned something from this.

Phil specifically thanked a number of members for their actions throughout the year in maintaining or improving access to sites, including Jay K., Neale H., Gabriel T., and John R.

Financial Report:

Noel B. presented the financial statements for the club. He noted a slight decline in assets from the previous year (from $6200 to $5600). There was a brief discussion about whether to raise membership fees or charge more for some club activities (e.g., BBQs or Parachute Re-Pack night). It was suggested the Committee could consider raising the charge for the Parachute Re-Pack night to better cover costs (from $5 to $10?).

VHPA Update:

Johannes S. and Rob VdK reported on the VHPA AGM which occurred the previous week. Issues mentioned include a change in the VHPA Board (with more members from NEVHGC); the need to have 40% female participation on the VHPA Board as a condition of some government funding; the success of Dave Snowden in attracting funds for the VHPA ($10,000 pa for four years?); the new paid position of Safety Officer; and the name change of the HGFA to Sports Aviation Federation of Australia.

Rob vdK emphasised the importance of having an MHGC club rep at the VHPA meetings (if Johannes cannot attend, to nominate a replacement).

Site Update:

Gabriel T. provided an update on developments at Mt Dandenong. He noted that Dave Colvin (Arborist and PG pilot) had been to the site to assess the trees. We have permission to put a platform behind to provide easier access to the ramp. Maintaining the site (tree trimming etc.) is within our agreement with Parks Vic.

Election of Committee:

The previous Committee stood down; all members were prepared to stand again; as there were no other volunteers the existing Committee was elected unopposed. Specifically the Committee for 2019/2020 is as follows:

  • President: Phil S.
  • Secretary: Darryl B.
  • Treasurer: Noel B.
  • Committee: Dave M., Pete C., Johannes S.


Nominations and votes were held for the MHGC awards, with the winners as follows:

  • MHGC Encouragement Award: Tushar Pokle
  • Peter Batchelor Award for Service to the Club: Phil Seeley
  • Whitey Whiteman Award: Gabriel Toniolo Gabriel Toniolo receives WW award

In addition, the VHPA recognised Johannes S. and Neale H. with special awards: Johannes for his service promoting the sport in Victoria, and Neale H. for his work in formalising an agreement for the use of Landscape.

Gabriel T. recommended that a new award category be created to recognise service by a support crew (tow drivers, retrieve drivers).

Other Business:

Upcoming events: The timing of the Parachute Re-Pack night was discussed, including the possibility of using a zip line. Final decision to be made by the Committee

There was a brief discussion of action to promote membership, including contacting immediately lapsed members to (a) encourage them to go flying and (b) to find out which aspects of the sport are blocking their enjoyment.

The meeting concluded at 9:15 pm.

Johannes Straub receives an award from VHPA

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