MHGC Monthly Meeting Minutes 21-05-2014

MHGC Monthly Meeting at the Tower Hotel, Hawthorn East

Meeting Commenced: time: 20:00

Apologies: Nobody apologised

New Members:   Christian Carthew – welcome Christian!

Items For Sale/Wanted:   Gabriel has a C4 for sale and also a Shark 156 for sale and also to rent out if needed. Neale has a contact who is leaving the sport who has a fun 160 with an apron style harness for sale and Johannes has an Atos V for sale.

VHPA update:   Discussion was had regarding allocating a representative club for Sav Hill (Gundowring) – in discussion. Dynasoarers are heading to Portland again this coming Queens Birthday Weekend. There is currently a good amount of funds in the VHPA site acquisition account and a discussion was had about potentially doing something with this that would benefit the sport. Funding to assist the operations at Locksley or in that area were suggested as it could have benefit to other facets of the sports covered by the HGFA. This is ongoing. Portsea proposal has be re-drafted by Kevin and has been submitted back to Pete Cass for his approval / review. Still no accident reports from the MHGC incidents from the Australia Day weekend. Gabe to write a report on behalf of Jason, and Kevin to do the same on behalf of Brett. Vic Parks licence has now been renewed and is valid for 3 years (as of March 2014)

Upcoming Events: Winter is pretty much upon us so we’re heading to Boort as usual for a weekend of towing – book your spots at the caravan park now! Also discussed was running a talk on some of our flying sites at the next meeting. SO-Meeting has been postponed for another time – action Glen

Other business; Club T-shirts were brought up as there are some new members and it would be great to get this going again. Peter L mentioned a good supplier “all of the above”. Also mentioned were car stickers to be able to give out at Boort. Chatting with Rohan was discussed to see if he would be keen to come along and give us a talk at some point

Meeting close; 21.20

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