MHGC Members Survey – tell us what you think

Dear MHGC member,

How much have you been flying lately? Do you feel supported by the club, do you think other , especially low airtime pilots are looked after?
We, the Commitee (and a few others) have noticed lately that attendance to flying events and club meetings has been quite low. Similarly the yahoo-group and sms-list services have been used very little, meaning not many people feel the need to communicate when and where they go flying – or maybe you have not been flying much?

We would like to invite comments, thoughts, ideas and suggestions from all of you on how we can revive our club, and encourage more pilots to go flying more often. To make things easier Dave has set up a quick’n easy survey here: (copy into your browser if the link doesn’t work)

Please make lots of use of the comments box, and feel free to email your thoughts to your club president Dave (,secretary Johannes ( or any other member of the current commitee. If you would like to discuss matters more broadly, there is also always the yahoo-group. We want to collect and discuss your ideas, and try to improve our club live.

As a first direction here are matters we have discussed lately :

  • Monthly meeting: is time and place ok? We might trial another venue soon, hopefully in a more central location
  • Flying Occasions: Want to go flying, but have no idea where to go? Tell us how you would like to be informed! Tell us why you use or not use the systems currently in place
  • Social aspects: Have a family, that would like to come flying with you IF there are other non-pilots around to chat? Like the idea of a BBQ after flying, or rather head straight home?
  • Events and learning: Do you go to the MHGC long weekends, if not, why? Do you think we tell you early enough?
  • Communication: What’s you favourite toy to chat to other club members? Facebook, Yahoo, website, sms-list? Or do you just call your buddy and head off?
  • Where do you want to fly? Coastal or Inland? Don’t like towing or prefer it?  Too much hassle for an endorsment? Love the feeling of running into the air? Or prefer safe launch from the dolly in Locksley?

Again, please take a bit of time to let us kno what we can do to make you go flying more often!

Always Happy Landings,

your MHGC Commitee

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