MHGC Committee Meeting Minutes

MHGC Committee Meeting

7th February 2018, 7 pm, Palace Hotel South Melbourne

Present: Johannes S, James A., Noel B, Darryl B.
Apologies: Tim L.

  1. Website updates and improvements:

The website is in need of refreshment:

  • update calendar on website, get meeting reminders via email going again
  • remove link to sms group on website
  • see if we can create an email with “click here to pay” link to our paypal account – to be sent out around AGM
  • either update facebook and yahoo groups simultaneously, or remove yahoo group in longer term – ask members
    only one members list on website, more “interactive” appearance, option to remove information by members
    no paid apps necessary

Johannes to contact Tim to see if he can action these changes

2. Monthly meetings:

Concerns were raised about attendance at the monthly meetings. A couple of actions were discussed:

  • Include agenda in monthly meeting invitations, run tighter meetings. Have speakers every 2 – 4 months
  • Darryl to ask Rohan to speak about long flights at March meeting

Johannes and Darryl to action
Darryl to invite Rohan

3. Upcoming events:

  • Labour Day long weekend: Towing in Locksley or “Flying out west” – Johannes to ask members at next meeting about preferences
  • Anzac Day is Wednesday, no weekend event – but see if someone organises flying (e.g.Pete Cass for coastal) -Johannes will ask PeteTo be discussed at next club meeting.Johannes to ask Pete C closer to the time.

4. Safety Officer courses:

  • Johannes to ask Gabriel and Pete H to become additional SSOs for the club
    Gabriel to organise SO course? Invite James Atkinson, Neale Halsall, Neal Hooke, Pete Cass. No earlier than MarchJohannes and Gabriel?

The meeting concluded at 8:30 pm.

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