MHGC Club Meeting – February 14th 2018 – Minutes

MHGC Committee Meeting

14th February 2018, 8 pm, Palace Hotel South Melbourne

Present: Around a dozen members present.

Apologies: Pete C.

1. Safety update:

Glenn B. and Gabriel T. reported on the Australia Day weekend in Bright.

Conditions were near perfect for launching off Mt Buffalo. Most launches were recorded on video and will be made available so that individuals can review their technique. Most launches were very good but there were some lessons.

NH reported on his third launch where in the transition from the uprights to the basebar he missed the basebar. He recovered and reached it on the second try, however he lost “one layer of protection”. Lesson is to transition to basebar more slowly. Count to two before transition.

Gabriel highlighted four issues:
1. Picking up they glider with hands
2. One pilot went off the ramp sideways due to a lifting wing. He pointed out that, as long as the hang straps are not tight, the pilot should respond by yawing the glider towards the lifting wing (as is common when balancing the glider on launch before take off). Once the hang straps are tight the glider can be controlled with normal weight shift moves.
3. Getting into prone too early
4. Getting into harness before hands on basebar

2. Club announcements

The club has appointed two new SSOs: Peter Holloway and Gabriel Toniolo.

The club is exploring using the HGFA online payment system to also collect club subscriptions at the same time.

3. Upcoming events:

Labour day long weekend at the beginning of March: either an informal comp at Locksley, or flying out west, either inland or coastal. Final decision will be made closer to the date.

Anzac day is mid-week this year, but might be an opportunity for a club event.

JMcG pointed out that the NSW club which has organized the Corryong Cup for the last ten years would like to step down and is looking for a club or individuals to step up.

DB announced that for the next club night (March 14th) Rohan had kindly agreed to do a talk. It would be good to get a good turn out for Rohan.

4. For sale and wanted:
Both Gabriel and James announced that they had Sharks for sale.

5. Site update:
Parks Victoria is doing an audit of all of the sites on Park Vic land and has requested a site inspection report for all of those sites.

There was a long discussion about the site at Mt Dandenong. It has not been flown in many years. There is s substantial maintenance requirement including cleaning of the ramp and graffiti removal. There has been s lot of erosion around the base of the ramp.

Glenn B. Announced that he has prepared 360 degree panoramic photos from a drone for many sites in Victoria, including Mystic, Tawonga Gap, Mannies, the Paps.

As an example the link to the 360 degree photos for Mystic and Tawonga Gap on google maps are here and here.

6. Other business:
There was a discussion about club communication, the role of the website, Facebook and Yahoo group.
The website is being refreshed and updated.
Not everyone uses Facebook. It was agreed that we would keep both Facebook and Yahoo groups as they serve slightly different purposes. Club members were encouraged to post when going flying to let other members know.


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