MHGC Bright Fly-In Australia Day Weekend 2018

Over Australia day weekend 2018 the MHGC held an informal fly-in in the Bright area. Around a dozen or so pilots enjoyed some great alpine flying in hot and thermic conditions. This post is a brief summary of the weekend.

Day one dawned hot and sunny. With little wind, it was decided to launch from Mt Buffalo. A task was set Mt Buffalo-Clear spot – Mystic – Clear spot – Mt Porepunkah – Porepunkah airfield. Around 13 gliders set up on launch. First timers for Mt Buffalo were given a briefing and went off first. Conditions were trickier than expected. Only a few made it through the inversion to get above launch height. Most of the king-posted gliders landed at Porepunkah field. Only a few topless gliders made it away. Peter Adriaans, in his first flight in the alps completed the course, followed by Stu Cathcart, the only kingposted glider to make it around.

Day two looked less promising at first, with heavy cloud cover. But this burned off. It was decided to try for Mystic, but no task was called. Many pilots set up on launch. A few (including John “Blano”) had long flghts, but many struggled to find the tight lift. A few went back up for a second try. After a heavy landing Peter Adriaans, flying his Malibu, found that the hang strap had moved about 10 cm forward.

That evening the MHGC hosted a BBQ, attended by around 28 people. Thanks to Olly and Pete C for cooking.

Day three again looked very promising with lots of nice Cus over the valley. We again launched fromMt Buffalo, with the same task as day one. Despite the promising look of the sky, gaining height was tricky. Most pilots had relatively short flights, landing at Porepunkah airfield. A couple of pilots went up to Mystic for a relight. At the end of the day Stu Cathcart was awarded the trophy for the most impressive flight of the weekend (in a kingposted glider).

A great weekend of flying, with special thanks to Gabriel Toniolo for organising. Here’s hoping we can do it all again next year.

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