Meeting Minutes April 2016

MHGC Monthly Meeting at the Palace Hotel, South Melbourne

Meeting Commenced: time: 20:00
Apologies: Peter Holloway

  • 2 new members this month – Johannes processing the forms and will send out packs shortly.
  • This month’s meeting now falls before the VHPA so for this meeting no update.
  • Training and activity going well at Locksley. Brett Hugan going well with aerotow endorsement. 4 supervised pilots all in training at the moment.
  • Upcoming events – ANZAC day. Some ideas floated but may not be an official MHGC event this time.
  • Darryl looking at some idea for monthly meetings and there was some input from others. In summary:
  • Another possible talk from paragliders
  • Gabe or another suitable person – talk about Dalby?
  • Rohan – many topics
  • Peter Holloway; VHF endorsement night. Also possibly a talk on aerotowing which might be good for those not endorsed or the new members.
  • Follow up site guide night with video / google earth etc
  • Top 10 sites in Australia ; Noel on Rainbow beach, John Reynoldson on Morning Glory
  • Curtis Greenwood on balloning?
  • General business:
  • Noel asked if there had been any requests for signatures for logbooks – there have been one or two yes.
  • First aid – reminder that people can do this if they wish, they need to book themselves in and send invoice to the VHPA (there is a $ limit though which is same as cost of St John course)

Meeting close; approx 21:00

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