Meeting Minutes – 20-11-2013

MHGC Monthly Meeting at the Tower Hotel, Hawthorn East   Meeting Commenced: time: 21:   Apologies: Neale Halsall, Peter Holloway   New Members:   •Potential new member: Joyce – she is very keen to get into the sport and has booked into a course with Rohan. She hasn’t joined yet as she’s not a qualified pilot yet but it’s great to see new keen students. Welcome Joyce to the sport!   Items For Sale/Wanted:   •U2 160, around 80 hours and in great nick. Contacted Dave if interested   •Atos V with new sail, ask Johannes if interested   •Peter Holloway has plenty of equipment for sale   VHPA update:   •Working bee at 3 sisters – no work to do at the moment so this is on hold.   •Flinders launch is in approvals stage at the moment. Members are advised to take precaution for the time being when flying the site due to the slippy launch   •Portsea – Still ongoing. VHPA are still unhappy that nothing is happening but so be it – it’s in the hands of Vic Parks at the moment to review the proposal. The VHPA seem adamant that they want a new proposal.   •Mt Dandenong. Dave Moore drove up to take a look at the launch recently and has got a good quote to stabilise the ramp from a local builder. A funding request is needed – Dave M to submit this asap    Emergency Marker Program update:   •Jeff Adair gave a talk prior to this meeting on data collection so we now have the knowledge to do this. Ongoing   SSO Report:    •No incidents to report.

•Glen Batchelor has just been given his SSO status and is happy to arrange for a SSO meeting in the next few weeks.   Upcoming Events:    •Melbourne Cup Weekend (5th Nov) – There will be flying activities at both Locksley and in Bright.   •Big K Week !!! On this weekend – happy flying to all who are going up.

•Australia day weekend in Bright – notice to be sent round the club. Dave to action.

•Club BBQ in Wattle Park. Email to be sent round closer to the time.   Additional Items:   •Bob Saville reminds everyone that Gundowring available for people to fly whenever they want. Contact Bob if you’d like to arrange a weekend up there.   Meeting close: Time: 10:00pm

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