Meeting Minutes – 18-09-2013

MHGC Monthly Meeting at the Tower Hotel, Hawthorn East

Meeting Commenced: time: 20:15

Apologies: Neale Halsall, Brad Howarth

New Members:

  • Tim Cooper – Rejoining member – welcome back to the MHGC Tim!
  • Dave – from Cairns came along to the meeting and is considering joining the club.

Items For Sale/Wanted:

  • Paul T still has his C2 on offer.
  • Atos V with new sail, ask Johannes if interested
  • Peter Holloway has plenty of equipment for sale

VHPA update:

  • Dave attended the AGM and Johannes attended the recent meeting. Points to note are:
  • Dave now a committee member
  • Incident reporting – the VHPA have requested that MHGC members log any incidents using the online AIRS database through the HGFA website. This is to allow others to learn from any incidents
  • The License agreement with Vic Parks is ready to go, one main point to come out of this is that Mt Dandenong will require quarterly rubbish collections and the ramp needs to be repaired. Also the graffiti must be removed from the ramp. We can also now put a proposal together for Portsea and any other Vic parks site for that matter
  • Working session suggested up at Flowerdale to assist Terry (the landowner) with clearing out a couple of his sheds. This is a great site and it would be good assist Terry. We can possibly tee this up with flying in the afternoon if it’s on as well as installing the Markers.

Emergency Marker Program update:

  • Currently making some good progress with this, at the moment we need to have approval from the landowners for all privately owned launches and LZ’s. This is under way.

SSO Report:

  • No incidents to report that we are aware of.
  • Peter Holloway training a number of ab-initio students and there has been a lot of training going on at Locksley. In addition to that Nick & Adam are now apprentice instructors under the wind of Rohan. Great news for the sport and the club.

Upcoming Events:

  • Forbes floater comp coming up 5 – 7th October. Not an official MHGC event but a few pilots are going up for this.
  • Melbourne Cup Weekend (5th Nov) – Suggested that there will be flying activities at both Locksley and in Bright. An announcement will be made closer to the time.
  • Big K Week !!!  Coming up at the end of November – 23rd – 1st (Sat through to the following Sunday). Get your teams together!

Additional Items:

  • Pete Cass is now the MHGC club rep for 3 Sisters. Thanks for taking this on Pete!
  • Tim Lead went to Mt Elephant recently and spoke to the landowner and mentioned flying activities from the site. The response was not positive.

Meeting close: Time: 09:00pm

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