Meeting minutes 16-10-2013

MHGC Monthly Meeting at the Tower Hotel, Hawthorn East

Meeting Commenced: time: 20:10

Apologies: Neale Halsall, Peter Holloway, Johannes Straub

Recent Events:  

•Forbes Floater Comp was well attended 2 weekends ago by 5 members of the MHGC. A great event with lots of XC flying. Really well run and well attended- this is a great comp, great fun and an awesome learning environment for those new to comps. Book yourself in for next year!

New Members:

•Potential new member: Warrick, who made contact very recently and is keen to join up. He will need some further training and he’s been put in touch with Peter Holloway.

Items For Sale/Wanted:

•Chris is looking for equipment – in particular an instrument and / or GPS

•Atos V with new sail, ask Johannes if interested

•Peter Holloway has plenty of equipment for sale

VHPA update:

•Working bee at 3 sisters – plenty of people from both Skyhigh and MHGC keen – awaiting to hear a date for this.

•VHPA have been contacted from Skyhigh about Flinders GF launch – it is apparently very slippy and they claimed it was very dangerous. The site is looked after primarily by Skyhigh. The VHPA recommendation is for Skyhigh to close the site if it is in fact dangerous and to remove the hazard altogether – i.e. remove the astro-turf. Skyhigh to arrange for quote to get it replaced.

•VHPA are very keen to see some action at Portsea. MHGC and Skyhigh to work together on this. DM to contact Pete Cass and discuss it.

•New system being implemented by HGFA regarding new students – when a new student qualifies they are to fill in an online questionaire about their school / equipment etc. The ultimate goal is to make instructors more responsible for their students.

•There is a draft version of a pilot exit questionairre that was discussed at the VHPA meeting, still work in progress at the moment

•Southern Microlight Club are looking for an airstrip to use in the Yarra Valley as they have found locations further North such as Locksley and Wahring are too far away to attract enough support from their members.

Emergency Marker Program update:

•Landowner approvals still being sought, 1 more has come in. 2 GPS tracklogs have also now been recorded and 1 (3 sisters) sent to the ERSA for analysis. Awaiting to hear back from them. Currently Jeff Adair from the ERSA is booked into talk to us at next months meeting on data collection for the marker program.

SSO Report:  

•No incidents to report.

Upcoming Events:  

•Melbourne Cup Weekend (5th Nov) – There will be flying activities at both Locksley and in Bright.

•Big K Week !!!  Coming up at the end of November – 23rd – 1st (Sat through to the following Sunday). Get your teams together!

Additional Items:

•Timo asked about 2m radios – the advise was that we don’t use this in Australia and that he needs to get himself a decent UHF system with a headset (and a spare headset for towing just in case!)

Meeting close: Time: 09:15pm

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