Locksley Cup Weekend 2014


Hi All,

just a short report from the MHGC cup weekend at Locksley. Unfortunately
we were blown out for Sat, Sun and Tue, but Monday was the day – and
what a cracker!
15 pilots (or thereabouts) showed up, most had camped at the airfield
and enjoyed a BBQ Sunday night.

Forecast was good thermals and close to nil wind, about 5kts from the
north. So the floater task was set to the small hill just west of Euroa
and return – a rare luxury for a floater, 30km all up. The guns were
going for Violet Town in order to guide the floaters on the first leg,
then proceed to Murchison and back to the airfield; 103km round trip.

Everyone had a go and left the airfield, unfortunately we learned the
hard way that RASP doen’t predict high cirrus clouds – these brought
most of the lift to a halt just as most pilots were on teh first leg. I
counted four floaters landing just next to the turnpoint-hill, including
Kenny, 2x Mick and another pilot I could not identify from 2000 ft
above. I was also too busy staying up and deciding if that bl***y wedgie
had damaged my wing or not…. so I decided to head back and land
safely. (Also I chickened as lift got rare đŸ˜‰

Will, Steve Norman and Pete Cass landed around Violet Town, Phil
Schroeder got to the Highway just shy of Murchison, and the Winner of
the day: Dan Summers, landing late and quite a while after the last ray
of sun had made it through the cirrus clouds, on his way back between
Murchison and Locksley. Congratulations!

Thanks everyone who showed up, we had great fun and on the one day it
was great to see half the field being floaters and leaving the airfield
to fly XC! New member Peter Spears showed up to have a look, and offered
his help as retrieve driver – great spirit! Neale provided bbq, fridge,
quad and trailer plus all these little bits needed to get a task
together, and Pete H. had two tugs ready to go. And after all thanks to
my hairdresser and unfortunately I did not win an Oscar….



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