Easter 2011 – MHGC Flying Events

  1. Birchip Easter Competition – As in previous years, the Club is supporting this event and encouraging all suitably Ground – tow endorsed pilots to enrol and attend this event. Whilst it is not an event formally run by the MHGC, it is supported by the club as it is a friendly event which is very suitable for novice pilots to attend and draw upon the experience of more seasoned pilots, without the pressure to perform in a typical competition.

If you haven’t yet organised a team or driver etc. don’t be put off, there are others in the same situation. Enrol in the Comp and call Peter Holloway (0409526805) who can co ordinate for you to be placed in a team.

2.   Bright Alpine Fly-in – For those of you who aren’t Ground –Tow endorsed or who prefer to keep the family together in a family friendly tourist destination, the Club will be having an informal fly-in based in Bright within the Alpine region in North East Victoria. Bright offers the family loads of entertainment and sightseeing options not to mention some of the World’s best flying sites. Yes, that might sound like an exaggeration, but the fact is many seasoned pilots from around the world choose to hill launch and fly in the Bright area of Australia during our season. There are several well experienced  pilots already confirmed as attending Bright so all novices will be well looked            after. For further information e.g. accommodation, feel free to call Gabriel on   0407544511.

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