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Minutes from monthly meetings

2018-19 MHGC Annual General Meeting 14th August 2019 minutes

Johannes Straub receives an award from VHPA

Apologies: Peter H., Neale H., James A. Minutes: 2018 MHGC AGM minutes were approved President’s Report: Phil S. circulated hard copies of his report for the 2018/19 MHGC Season. There was a brief discussion of the incident at Locksley involving a relatively close encounter with the Air Ambulance. The follow-up discussions were handled professionally and […]

MHGC Committee Meeting Minutes

MHGC Committee Meeting 7th February 2018, 7 pm, Palace Hotel South Melbourne Present: Johannes S, James A., Noel B, Darryl B. Apologies: Tim L. Website updates and improvements: The website is in need of refreshment: update calendar on website, get meeting reminders via email going again remove link to sms group on website see […]

Club Meeting Minutes 18th Feb 2017

MHGC Monthly Meeting at the Palace Hotel, South Melbourne Meeting Commenced: time: 20:00 No new members this month Stuff for sale – Wheels (New), contact Dave Moore Recent Events – Australia Day. Bright was awesome with flying most days, people also flew at Locksley however the weather wasn’t as great Items from VHPA – Thistle Bombout […]

Meeting Minutes Feb 2016

MHGC Monthly Meeting at the¬†Palace Hotel, South Melbourne Meeting Commenced: time: 20:00 Apologies: Peter Holloway Venue was changed to an overbooking at the usual Venue. New venue very good and we’ll explore the option of moving here permanently. Survey to follow (Action DM) New Members – Rob, who has recently moved to Melbourne and learned […]

Monthly minutes 21/10/15

MHGC Monthly Meeting at the Tower Hotel, Hawthorn East Meeting Commenced: time: 20:00 Attendance: 6 / 7 Apologies: Peter Holloway, Gabiel Toniolo Items For Sale/Wanted: Gabriel is looking for a used reserve and is keen to test fly a U2 & / or a Gekko. SSO Update: Recent incident with a paraglider at Flinders who […]