Boort QB Weekend 2010

Boort QB Weekend 2010

On Queens Birthday weekend June 12 -14, 2010 we again held our annual fly-in at Boort hosted by Peter Holloway and Peter Davies.

Peter Holloway (SSO) again acted as MHGC Tow Instructor assisting pilots to gain their ground tow endorsements and helping others refresh their ground towing skills. This weekend was also the weekend that Peter Holloway had his public unveiling of his new “Scooter Tow System” and the Wills Wing “Condor”. The scooter tow system is used by the Wills Wing team in the USA for pilot’s first steps into flight. Peter has been working on and building the scooter tow for over a year, and with help from Peter Lissenburg, the project was finished and tested for the first time by them (and me as guinea pig) on June 5th.

The event was extremely well attended with 21 pilots attending with some partners and family and friends also joining us. Sunday night we enjoyed the hospitality of the Eichers (Peter, Marlies and family). They provided a large bonfire, salads and set up where the club supplied roasts that were cooked on the camp oven at the bonfire and a rotisserie BBQ.

Peter Holloway spent time with on the students for the weekend, Finn Svendsen, David Bratt, Nick Abicare and Henry Pieperziet. Other attendees were, Peter Holloway, Peter Lissenburg, Peter Davies, Gabriel Toniolo, Hugh Alexander, Andrew Medew, Kevin Grosser, Colin Jackson, Scott Rawlings, James Wynd, Joscef Patyi, Grant Heaney, John Reynoldson, Marlies Eicher, Alan Beavis, Steve Whalley and Randall Clotworthy.

There were no accidents and all involved had a great time. The Club offers a huge thanks to Peter Holloway for providing the teachings, his car for the long tows, spare parachutes, the scooter tow system, the Condor glider, weak links and all the other bits and pieces. Also thanks must go to Peter Davies for his organisation, driving the tow vehicle (including providing his own for the task) and pilot assistance. Thanks also to Peter Lissenburg for all the tow driving he provided as well as assistance to pilots and organisation of tow lines, etc.

It was a very successful weekend event by all accounts. Don’t miss the next one.

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