AGM Report and Welcome to the 2011/2012 Season

You are all probably aware of the proceedings of the AGM but allow me to go into more detail.  The recent annual general meeting was successfully held on the 20th July this year.  New and current members were appointed to the committee unopposed.  The most significant change was the appointment of Glenn Bachelor as the President to replace Gabriel Toniolo.  During the evening we also voted for the recipients of the MHGC awards.  Whitey Whiteman made a guest appearance to present the inaugural Whitey Whiteman Award for the pilot who does the most damage to their glider with the least damage to themselves.

Award Winners 2010/2011

Encouragement Award: Merv Dannefaerd

Merv has put a great effort in his hang gliding over the past 12 months despite numerous set backs.  We all remember his famous ‘fly on the wall’ landing at Flowerdale as well as other incidents which caused significant structural and financial set backs to his flying.  Despite this Merv has maintained a positive outlook toward the sport and has shown great enthusiasm.  More particularly Merv has displayed a great attitude by seeking advice on how to improve his skills to put the past behind him.  Well done Merv.

Peter Bachelor Award:  Peter Holloway

No one deserves this award more the Peter.  He has put in a tireless effort for the MHGC across many different areas.  Peter has continued to be an excellent SSO for our Club. Not only has he put the enormous effort in obtaining his instructor endorsement, against the “normal” procedural flow, he has spent much time and money on extremely valuable equipment made available to the club such as; the Dragon Fly tug for aero-towing, scooter tow for initial steps in ground-tow endorsements and ground-tow equipment (including his own car). Peter has also forgone much of his own flying time to help all other pilots.  Congratulations Peter

Whitey Whiteman Award:  Merv Dannefaerd

Whitey Whiteman provided a formal powerpoint presentation of candidates for the Whitey Whiteman Award. The inaugural winner for 2006 was Greg Stroot (Mt. Emu launch), the winner for 2007 was Curtis Greenwood (orographic cloud and ditch out to sea – Apollo Bay). This years winner of the award was Merv Dannefaerd (various HG umm … arrivals). The runner up this year was James Wynd (Portsea – “ no I will be right thanks”) Formal trophies were awarded by Whitey to Merv and to James (absent).

The MHGC Committee 2011/2012

The new MHGC committee are as follows;

President –  Glenn Bachelor

Glenn is an advanced pilot and has been hang gliding for 12 years.  He has been a committee member and MHGC club member for many years now.  Glenn is a passionate pilot with a wealth of experience to offer in all aspects of hang gliding.  These include coastal, inland, cross country, towing and competition flying.  We welcome Glenn to this position with much enthusiasm.

Treasurer – Noel Bear

Noel has been reappointed to this position for the second year running now.  Noel is responsible for all financial matters and keeps in check that your membership fees are well spent.  Noel also has a vast experience in hang gliding, flying for over 20 years!

Secretary – Pete Cass

Pete is starting in this position for the first time.  He is a passionate pilot and has been hang gliding for 3 years.

Committee Members – Merv Dannefaerd, Jozsef Patyi and David Moore.

Merv is welcomed as a passionate new pilot, for the first time on the committee.  As too with Josef (club librarian) who will hopefully be back in the air soon. We also welcome David, an experienced pilot fresh from the UK.

Please see members area of the website for all contact details.

Additional Roles

Senior Safety Officer:  Peter Holloway

Peter is one of our most experienced pilots and has been our senior safety officer for many years now.  He is truly a great asset to our club.  Peter is accredited in HG instruction, runs endorsements in aero towing as well as ground towing.  He also provides aero towing at the Locksley airfield.  Pete supplies a vast range of quality hang gliding equipment and repair services are available also.

Newsletter Editor:  Peter Davis

Peter has been doing a great job in this position and is welcomed for a consecutive year.  A club news letter will be prepared quarterly.  Please submit articles either to Pete or directly to the club website.

Webmaster:  Will Falkner.

Any problems in accessing our website please contact Will.  Also please see his website for great local videos, events and competitions.

SMS Coordinator:  Scott Rawlings

You will have to agree with me that Scott has done a great job over the last year in updating everyone on where and when it is on.  If you intend on flying somewhere and think it may be suitable for other club members, please let Scott know so he can send out an sms.  Weekdays and weekends.  The more the merrier.

Public Officer – Gabriel Toniolo

Our previous president.  Welcome back Gabe.

Club Librarian: Jozsef Patyi

Jozsef keeps a number of books relevant to hang gliding which are free to borrow.

Current Membership

Annual membership fees are now due.  For only $30 this represents great value and includes:

–         SMS updates on who’s flying and where

–         Monthly meetings

–         Parachute repack night

–         Glider maintenance night

–         Barbeques at events such as “fly in” weekends

–         + more great subsidies

Very easy to pay, see website for details


Thanks to everyone for making last year a great year for the club with many new and existing members taking part in well attended events.  We look forward to an exiting year ahead with great events and weather (fingers crossed) with reduced incidents.  Finally we would like to thank Gabriel Toniolo for all of his efforts as the MHGC president over the past 3 years.  He has done a great job in organising many events, meetings and the new club tshirts.  In addition Gabe has helped out many new pilots and made them feel welcome.

Kind regards,

The MHGC Committee

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