Noel Bear for Treasurer

The submission below is submitted on behalf of Noel Bear

Nomination of Noel Bear for Treasurer, MHGC

First of all I have been hang gliding since 1982, and fly a Litespeed and a Falcon 3 floater. I am advanced rated with ground and air tow endorsements. I have retired early from full time work and I am keen to put back into our sport for all our sakes. This means I will support effective actions to advance the sport, support new flyers, develop sites and keep a well experienced bias for action. I am also keen to make sure we all enjoy what we do rather than making it a big deal that goes nowhere.

To the treasurer position, I bring a career of cost control on billion dollar construction projects as well as currently managing investments and my own book keeping. I am the past national chairman of my professional society (The Australian Cost Engineers Society) and I am currently the treasurer of Waverly Gem Club which turns over about $30,000 per year.
As Treasurer, I will aim to make the payment of fees and our banking in general as flexible, simple and easy to use as possible. I will use the available electronic and internet based systems alongside the traditional cash and cheques, while maintaining prudent controls.

Noel Bear

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