3 Sisters – Sunday, May 23rd

3 Sisters – Sunday, May 23rd

Well, 3 Sisters turned it on again on Sunday. Several pilots headed up for a fly. The forecast looked great until Sunday morning when the forecast changed and predicted more East than was hoped for. Some first timers to 3 Sisters were there for a fly (Merv Dannefaerd and David Young) other novices had there second flights from the hill but got their first sustained flights from 3 Sisters (Tim Bishop and Adrian Cook).

We all stood on top of the Hill for a few hours waiting for the wind to strengthen and then straighten. Whilst we waited, several Paragliding pilots turned up for a little fly around, but with the cross wind and strength picking up, they were not in the air long.

Pete Cass, had to leave around 2pm so he took off before conditions improved but was able to sustain flight until he decided to land. He had only allowed himself 5 minutes for airtime and would have achieved more if he didn’t have to go.

With the paragliders there, there may have been between 20-30 people at launch so, not only did it turn out to be another great Club flying day, it was a great social day as well.

I probably will end up leaving some people out unintentionally, but I will give a go at remembering all the Hangies that were there:

David Bratt, Tony Kenney, Scott Rawlings, Max Broadway, Peter Cass, Neil Hooke, Paul Tanner, Tim Bishop, Adrian Cook, Jozcef Patyi, Nick Abicare, Kevin Grosser, Andrew Medew, Merv Dannefaerd, David Young, Neil Jarvis, Nathan Scott, Scott Walmesley and myself.

Apologies if I left anyone out.

Most pilots had flights of over 30 minutes and quite a few over an hour. Everyone had safe launches and I didn’t see any bent aluminum in the LZ, so a great day was had by all (even if it did get cold whilst we were waiting for the conditions to improve).

Gabriel Toniolo
President MHGC

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3 Sisters – Sunday, May 23rd

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  1. OMG we have authors contributing posts on the same events. This is great. Go forth and blog boys.

    Will Faulkner May 25, 2010 at 7:24 pm #
  2. Thanks Gabriel for your help up there had a ball.I have left a longer post with scotts post.

    Merv Dannefaerd May 24, 2010 at 11:25 pm #

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