3 Sisters December 3rd


A few of us managed to get to 3 Sisters for a fly today as Terry (landowner had hoped).

The wind was favorable but we had some textured air, thunder a little lightning and some rain.

A few ((about 5) of the paragliders got their before us and had some flying from about midday, but conditions were a bit strong for them.

In our crew we had Scott Rawlings, James Wynd, Neale Halsall, Henry Pieperziet and myself,

We launched between 12.45 and 1.00 pm

It was Neale’s first flight since his endorsement with Rohan about a month ago and had a good launch, landing and managed to have the longest flight of us all (at least 45 mins).

Well done Neale.

The rest of us had from 30-45 mins as we all landed as the thunder and a light shower hit us.

The shower was short lived and we managed to let our gliders dry before we packed up and headed to the pub for a cleansing ale.

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