2020-21 MHGC Annual General Meeting 14th July 2021 minutes

Present: In person: Gabriel T., Dave M., Mark P., Johannes S., Neil H.+partner, Pete C., Phil S., Darryl B., via Zoom: Tim C., Hughbert A., Mark J., Marcus

The President welcomed everyone to the meeting and called the meeting to order.

President’s Report:

Phil S. presented his report on activities for the year, which is available as a post on this site.

Treasurer’s Report:

Noel reported on the financial position of the club. There has been an increase in assets over the year due to $2500 grant from Sports VIC. However, $2100 has been promised in “refresher training” as reported below. Also subscriptions funds have not been paid through from PayPal to the account. It was decided that the membership fee should remain at $20 for the next 12 months.

Training update:

Pete C reported that there was a good response to the invitation to take up refresher training, with 7 pilots responding and being offered training vouchers for $300 each.

VHPA update:

Mark P. reported on developments at the VHPA and SAFA. He noted that CASA is in the process of transferring all recreational flying to a new system of regulation that will mirror a similar system in the US. This will involve new regulations for aircraft (part 103) and new regulations for self-administering agencies such as SAFA (part 149). There may be some consequential impacts on flying operations.

SSO update:

Gabriel T. reported on 3 accidents during the year, all involving returning pilots. There was a discussion about supervision requirements for returning pilots. The effectiveness of the AIRS reporting system was also discussed.

Appointment of new committee members

Following a request for nominations, the following Committee was elected:

President: Pete C.

Treasurer: Jay K.

Secretary: Darryl B.

Committee members: Dave M., Neil H., Mark J., Johannes S.

Other roles:

AIRS Manager: Dave M. and Gabriel T.

SSOs: Gabriel T., Pete H.

VHPA Reps: Dave M.


Peter Batchelor Award For Outstanding Service to the Club was awarded to Gabriel T.

Encouragement Award was awarded to Adrian C.

The out-going committee members were thanked, especially Phil S. and Noel B, who has served as Treasurer for ten years. Thanks to Phil and Noel.

Other Business:

There was a discussion of possible future topics for monthly meetings. Suggestions included (a) A discussion on the use of XCSoar and XCTrack; (b) A discussion with the SkyHigh president on attracting new members; (c) Presentation from Rohan; (d) Presentation for Jonny D.

2020-21 MHGC Annual General Meeting 14th July 2021 minutes

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  1. Nolan Bear

    The AGM minutes need to include full names especially formal names for incoming and outgoing committee members… in the header might be enough.
    This is so they can be used for the Consumer Affairs reporting and proof of a change of personnel such as for Banks and PayPal.
    Also in the header include those like myself who joined remotely.

    Nolan Bear August 20, 2021 at 1:15 pm #

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