2019-20 MHGC Annual General Meeting 12th August 2020 minutes

Via Zoom

The President welcomed everyone to the meeting and called the meeting to order. New pilot Mark Jeffree was welcomed to the meeting. An update on the health of Kenny Y. was shared.

President’s Report:

Phil S. reported on the past year’s activities, noting that flying has been limited due to the COVID lockdown. He reported on changes to the club membership renewal system which now makes use of the SAFA website. He also noted that the club has applied for and received a grant from Sports VIC.

Treasurer’s Report:

Noel reported on the financial position of the club. Over the course of the year there has been a small increase in assets, primarily due to a reduction in expenditure (fewer events due to the lockdown). He also noted the grant of $1000 from Sports VIC. In the light of economic hardship associated with the lockdown, the membership fee has been reduced to $20 for the next 12 months.

VHPA update:

Johannes updated on developments with the VHPA. The year started with an increase in participation from members from the NEVHGC, and the push to achieve 40% representation of women on the Board of VHPA in order to access government grants. He noted that Bob Saville has sold the property at Gundowring, but it is still open to use for flying. It is now managed by the Western VIC HGC. He noted that the VHPA has paid for the Donna Buang gate and tree trimming at the Mt Dandenong launch. There is a need to replace the signs at the Donna Buang launch in a form which is more vandal proof.

Johannes noted that he wanted to resign from the role of VHPA delegate. James A. and Dave M. indicated that they would be happy to share this role.

Site update:

Gabriel noted the work that has been going on at the Mt. Dandenong site. There is a need for concrete contractors to provide steps up to the ramp and build a retaining wall in front to stop erosion.  The tall trees in front were cut in a way to not make the scarring visible. The ramp needs to be fixed to address the slipperiness of the start. For Dandenong there was no previous written permission for the LZ. There is now permission in writing to use the Salvation Army paddock as an emergency landing. The Salvation Army does not want HGs flying over buildings for the privacy of guests.

John R. reported on Flinders Monument and Flinders GC. He mentioned that there had been a petition to stop PGers flying past the blowhole to protect the privacy of the local residents. The wind station on the golf club is still working. There is a second weather station ready to be installed on the roof of the Portsea SLSC.

Appointment of new committee members

The following Committee was elected unopposed:

President: Phil S.

Treasurer: Noel B.

Secretary: Darryl B.

Committee members: Tim C., Dave M., Pete C., Johannes S.

Other roles:

AIRS Manager: Dave M. and Gabriel T.

SSOs: Gabriel T., Pete H.

VHPA Reps: James A., Dave M.


Peter Batchelor Award For Outstanding Service to the Club was awarded to Neil H.

Encouragement Award was awarded to Kim S.

Whitey Whiteman was awarded to Tim C.

Other Business:

Noel raised the discussion of how to get us back to flying and landing fitness. It was mentioned that Peter H has a scooter tow. There was a discussion about going to a park for running and launching practice.

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