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Monthly Meeting Minutes 16/11/11

Tower Hotel, Hawthorn East Minutes 16-11-2011 Meeting Commenced: 8:00 Apologies:  Pete H, Paul T. New Members David Quin & Craig Stead (not present) Items For Sale Trevor is selling this entire kit.  Includes Fun190, Icom radio, Brauniger vario, Aussie skins harness + chute, helmet, tow bridle, total package $3000.  More details to be posted on […]

Snake bite info !

EastBrown2 In Australia there are about 3,000 snake bites per year, of which 200 to 500 receive antivenom; on average one or two will prove fatal. About half the deaths are due to bites from the brown snake; the rest mostly from tiger snake, taipan and death adder. Some deaths are sudden, however in fact […]